vhenum.exe (false?) identified as trojan (Win32 Client Drivers)


the F-Secure virus scanner identify the file vhenum.exe as trojan.
The meta scanner VirusTotal identify this file with 8/57 as trojan.generic.

Could you check this please - to be sure, that it is clean?



Its a false alarm, my guess is that those 8 anti-virus vendors use the same virus engine that returns the false positive.

The reasons it is false alarm is the following:

1. The vhenum.exe binary is entirely complied and signed on linux and does not touch windows at all. Linux does not contain windows viruses.

2. I copied vhenum.exe to a windows computer and scanned with avc and it finds no problem.

3. The binary is signed with VirtualHere Pty. Ltd. certificate. If a virus modifies the binary after it is signed it will not authenticate correctly in windows because the hash value would have changed from what was signed.