USB Microphone

Hey Guys,

I'm testing out VH product and I'm trying to get AK5370 microphone from Logitech working between RPI 2 and Mac book pro.

On mac book i can see device in list atached to hub and interface is connecting to it but i cannot see microphone either in any software or in System Preferences.

Did anybody had any luck with microphones and USB over IP between RPI and Mac?

Dmesg in my mac shows only this:
USBF: 26981.642 com_virtualhere_vhhcd::bindDevice Full speed device at remote address 4 is now attached to local port 1 and is device zero
USBF: 26983.297 com_virtualhere_vhhcd::setDeviceAddress (2) port 1 assigned to remote address 4



Microphones will not work with osx, only with windows and linux..

Ah ok didn't know :)

Anyway I have try same thing using CLI on my Ubuntu 14.04 machine and same thing.
I can connect but i cannot use microphone :/