Server on Raspberry Pi 2


I did a search but perhaps missed it. Can you confirm if VirtualHere Server will run on the Raspberry Pi 2?

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Yes it does


WooHoo! Thank you.


I tried everything I could and cannot connect to a USB Server running on a Pi 2 Model B. I connected successfully just fine to a server on a Pi Model B+. Just no workie on a Pi 2.


It should work fine on pi2 because virtualhere doesnt depend on any pi specific features, anyway take a look in syslog that is where error messages are written. do grep vhusbd /var/log/syslog


OK. It is working. The funny thing is that for whatever reason VH works to a client on the same LAN with the B+ but the would not work from the same client to a Pi 2 server also on the same LAN. Yet when I went I took the client off site, I could connect to the remote server on a Pi 2 just fine. Think it might be something in the Pi 2 Raspian IP tables or something. But it does work just fine on a Pi 2, as well. Thanks!


Actually turns out that when trying to use a client from a licensed client/server combination on a new unlicensed server which was my Pi 2, the connection was refused. When I used a new client on the unlicensed Pi 2 server, it connected fine but of course was just the trial version of the server. Is the client also licensed or connected somehow to a licensed server? Would be nice to use the client on different servers regardless of whether they are talking to licensed or trial servers.


I see there is nothing in your client or it's Windows ini that would make a difference in what server it's logging into. Everything I have on my servers is exactly the same, right down to the same version of Raspian running. The only difference is the hardware or type of Pi it is running on. So there has got to be something compiled in the server that doesn't allow local login from a client on the same network. Otherwise, it works fine logging into a remote Pi 2 server from a disparate client out on the internet. Just can't do it locally and I have no iptables or anything built on the Pi 2.


Can't even auto find the server from a computer on the same network! So the USB Server running on a Pi 2 doesn't even look like it's broadcasting.


This sounds overly complicated. Basically the server works identically on all devices, so im almost certain its your network is setup differently on your pi2 or its trying to use the same ip or something. The virtualhere server does not use any pi specific features or any support library features, it interacts directly with the kernel only via syscalls so im pretty sure its your network setup.

The client will connect to either purchased or trial servers. However if your client is running as a service/daemon it will only connect to purchased servers.