"Dynamic" device authorization

I've got licensed VH on my Raspberry Pi and I've integrated sharing USB devices with VH as a part of larger system, where there are also other resources (not USB). I have my own management for resource allocation. I want to tell VH server that user is no longer allowed to use a USB device and force it to release the device. Authorization script works ok but it is only run when a client requests to use shared device. Does anybody know a way to do this without restarting the server?


If you want to tell the server to release a device, just start a client in administrator mode then right click on the device and select stop using. That will kick a user off the device.

If you want to script this you need to use the client API ( http://www.virtualhere.com/client_api ) and the "STOP USING..." command


When scripting, I am be able to issue "STOP USING" from any client machine and disconnect anyone else's connection? Is there a way to make non-admins disconnect only their own connections (from the API)?


If the virtualhere client is running as a service, the API will allow you to disconnect anyone else. If virtualhere is running as a gui and you use the api, it cannot disconnect another user from a device.