Win 7 port device driver not loading

I have downloaded the most recent Client and attempted to install (using admin) on two different computers. One a 32 bit laptop and one a 64 bit tower. In both cases the two hubs show up in the Programs and Features listing. Opening the Client, the server side shows up as well as the device itself. Right clicking, selecting Use and then looking in the Windows Device manager to identify the port to use. I notice the the Port is identified but the driver itself is not installed as shown in the Port/Properties dialog box. The 64 bit tower goes to BOD and reboots at this point. I attempted to the -d argument on both computers and both installs ended with a Success notation but still the Device Manager indicates no drivers were installed.

The hub drivers and .exe file were removed from the tower to prevent ongoing BODs.

Suggestions please.

Bob S.


What is your server? And it is a COM port you are talking about? FTDI or prolific?

Using the Pi B+ as a server which is connected via a USB to Serial cable to a ham radio repeater controller. The client side configuration works with a Windows 8 computer without issue, however, not on either of the two other computers we were attempting to use. Yes, it is the Com port on the remote computer with the client software that is missing the driver. The Com port only becomes active when I click on "Use" within the virtualhere client. The Com port shows up in the device list but when looking at the properties of the com port the driver is not loaded and the com port indicates it is not ready for use.


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OK, that should work. What is the error code when you right click on the com port device in windows device manager, is it code 10 or code 28?


Drivers for this device are not installed. Code 28



OK, make sure you have actually run and installed the FTDI Serial port software that came with your ham radio on those windows 7 machines.

Also in windows devices and printers, right click on the device again in windows select properties -> and select the "Hardware" -> USB To Serial Converter -> Properties -> Details -> Hardware ID's and post them here


I have not loaded the FTDI Serial Port software on the client computer. The serial to USB device is on the server so did not think it would be needed on the client. I will find the newest version of the FTDI and load it to the Windows 7. Do you want the Hardware ID info prior to loading the FTDI driver software?


You need to install the same software in win7 as if you directly plugged your ham radio into the computer. No need for posting hardware ID

OK.... trying to catch up with the fellow with the other computers. Let you know how we make out.



Michael, I have not been able to get time with my friends computer that we were having the initial problems but I have "fixed" another Win 7 and Mac running Win 8.1 (Parallels) by adding the FTDI driver. Adding the FTDI driver was most certainly the issue. Thanks for a great product....

Bob S