BSOD with vhui32.exe 2.8.3 on Windows XP SP3


I can reproduce a BSOD (blue screen of death) with the message "IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" on my notebook here.
It is running Windows XP SP3 and vhui32 2.8.3.
The server is a RasPi 2 with server version 2.1.1 running.

The connection between the client and the server is over a 2Mbit/s SDSL link.
I tried both setups for the connection between the vusb client and vusb server: SSL and plain TCP over IPsec-VPN -> same result -> BSOD

When I am at home and use the desktop PC with Windows 7 (64-Bit) together with vhui64.exe 2.8.3 everything is running fine in the home network, however this connection is really fast.

The device I am sharing is an USB dongle that is a composite device with security function and USB mass storage device.

Any idea?



Sorry, forgot to mention some important details:

* parts of the system and windows start to freeze after a few seconds when I click "use" on the USB device.
* Then if I click on "stop using" the mentioned USB device, I always get the BSOD.


Small update:

I have tried the same with another notebook running Windows 7 and vhui64.exe. -> no BSOD
However, it seems that it is somewhat related to the mass storage part of the composite device.

The USB device seems to consist of one root composite device and two sub-devices: HID and mass storage

Only the HID part seems to be working.
However, the mass storage part does not work. The driver installation dialogue shows "installing driver" for a long time. And finally fails installing the driver for the corresponding drive.

Is this related to the fact that an internet connection is not very well suited for a mass storage device?

Is it possible to filter out the mass storage part on the server somehow? I do not need it. I only need the HID part of the device.


If possible can you send me the memory.dmp from your c:\windows directory on the xp sp3 box. Or if that is no there, c:\windows\Minidump file to mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com)


Further to this, it seems the xp3 crash is not explicity in the virtualhere driver, and because xp3 is deprecated and unsupported by Microsoft, this bsod with this specific device wont be fixed and hence i would recommend using this device on a later version of windows like 7.

Its not possible to filter out the secondary USB device in a composite device because the device would not be expecting this so its state machine probably wont work correctly.