Are you sure? (Prompt Question)


I'm having a problem when I reboot my Mac, the VirtualHere client is asking the question, "Are you sure you want to quit" But the problem is the window server has already quit and the screen is black. I basically have to power down the machine if I don't remember to quit the client before I hit reboot.
Is there a way to make a preference item to not ask the users if they want to quit?


I tried to reproduce this but i seems to reboots ok for me. Could you send me mail [at] the section in the OSX console that has an error message related to this if there is one?


When you try to reboot does the client on OSX ask you if you want to quit?
I'm just guessing that mine is asking if I want to quit, but the X-Windows(Unix term, I don't know what its called in Darwin) has already closed and I'm not provided with any input options and just a black screen while its waiting for everything to terminate.


Just wanted to report that VirtualHere is not holding up shutdowns anymore for me.