Trial Version Device Limit

Hello again,

Does VirtualHere's 1-device-limit apply to the number of logical devices exposed, or the number of physical devices exposed? In further attempts to get a FUNCubeDonglePro+ to work through VirtualHere, which involves the single physical device exposing a HID and a sound input, I seem to be only able to get control of one or the other:

When I am streaming audio, I lose contact from the HID. When I stop the audio, the HID comes back. When I select the FUNCube in the client app, it is listed as a single device named "FUNCube Dongle Pro Plus."


EDIT: It shows up as "FUNcube Dongle V2.0"


Number of physical devices.

What is your server? Is it a raspberry pi or something more powerful?


It turns out the issue was unrelated - another piece of software was trying to use the HID which was triggered by the audio being started, making it look like it was the audio stream that was blocking it.

I'm trying it with a BeagleBone Black now. Things are much better; it will tunnel the FCDPP for a few minutes with some audio hiccups before client kernel faults. No dumps in the logs, just flashing keyboard and freeze. I am going to try pushing the BBB to 1GHz and see if that helps things. 100mbps link though 2 switches. When the audio device is not being used there seems to be no propensity to freeze; seems to happen when under strain.


What linux kernel are you using on your client? i think you should use the absolute latest if you can. Note, ubuntu 15.04 has just been released and it is using kernel 3.19.

Also on your beaglebone use the latest kernel which is available directly from texas instruments here…

You just write the to an sdcard and boot with that to test.


What was the other device grabbing the HID?

I'm trying to make FCD work remotely on a RaspberryPi 2. I bought license for unlimited devices.

FCD works fine on laptop. Shows up identically on laptop via virtualhere and Pi2.

When I start HDSDR, I get audio noise on audio specan, nothing on RF. Shut it down, restart, and I get nothing at all. Shut it down, restart, and I get the audio noise, but no RF.

Looks similar to your experience, but I've no idea what the other device would be trying to grab the HID.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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I'm moving my activity to another thread ( ) because it is more relevant to the topic.

I was using GNU Radio Companion with the FCDPP source block, which grabs both the audio and the HID when started. At the same time I was trying to use qtHID to control the tuner, LNAs, etc. Because both were going for the HID, qtHID often got booted out when GRC started running.

Same here: Everything works almost perfectly when local. Sending the radio device over IP is very shaky no matter how solid I try to make the network, no matter how clean I try to make the installs. Also noticed a pattern of lots of driver bugs with these little embedded linux boards. With simple low-bandwidth event-based devices it appears to work fine but when worked harder the situation changes.

I noticed that the FCD(PP) easily gets stuck in unworkable states and will output IF but no tuner response. An unplug-wait-replug cycle helps though when remote the best I've found was using ssh to reboot the remote system, which usually fixes the situation.