Embedded device (RPi etc.) for 720p webcam


I've been looking at ways to try and get a cheap usb over ip system up and running and completely forgot about my RPi and this sort of solution, however I've read that the RPi is not so good at certain activities due to the way the ethernet and usb ports work. So, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for an embedded device (RPi 2 etc.) that could allow me to run my 720p webcam over the network?

If I could get this working, then I could fully virtualise my PCs dotted around the house to my central ESXi systems and eliminate the need for a PC in each room. Would just need network, usb and HDMI out.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.



Try with an odroid-c1 or a banana-pi as they are about the same price, but more powerful and have a gigabit ethernet and direct usb bus...it should work ok..