C300 Webcam - device in use....


I'm trying to connect by Logitech C300 webcam on my working virtualhere setup (currently used without issue!). The webcam connects and is recognised by the PC but I cannot connect from any apps. Closed all possible apps that could be accessing it and installed webcamviewer but get a cannot connect error at all resolutions.

Any ideas how to resolve?

Many thanks,



This is just a guess but try this:

Right click on the webcam before you use it and select "Custom Event Handler..." and then put in the following line


then click ok and try again.


Thanks - running the client as a service, presumably I'd need to script this or something along those lines?


One more thing, while I'm here! I'm running the server on a Synology DS211J. Not overly powerful I'm sure.

I'm also using a USB sound card and while it works it does stutter occasionally it otherwise works. I also find the usb keyboard occasionally repeats a little too. Network performance is good at gigabit speeds having tested it.

Would a Raspberry Pi (original model, not 2) - would that be more capable or should the 211j be fine?



You only need to put in the onReset... value once because the server will remember it from then on.

Yeah the ds211j is pretty underpowered if you want to use a webcam. Use something like an odroid-c1 or a bananapi.


Thanks - much appreciated! Is it possible to transfer my NAS licence to a Pi licence as I would't be using the NAS if I move to a pi?


Me again! I see that your licences are now unlimited devices for the same price, hoping my licence at that price has been converted to that otherwise vexed I will be!! :)


Oh and, how do I enter the event handler from the command line when running the client as a service?

Yes i can transfer the license to your new device, send me the serial number to mail [at] virtualhere.com (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com) when you are ready..


You cant set the event handler when its running as a service, i didnt add a method to do that, so you will need to directly enter the value in the server config.ini file e.g https://www.virtualhere.com/quirks but instead of the %VENDOR_ID% and %PRODUCT_ID% put the actual values for those. e.g onReset.01234,01235 but you probably dont need this setting anyway with your new server device. its probably just specific to synology.


Thanks - just sent the serial number.

Hoping the Rasp Pi (original) has a little more oomph than the Syno, but assume if not the Pi2 should be a good step up (do you know if it can handle 640 web cams?)

Appreciate all the help.


Sorry for 101 questions! If the Pi isn't unto the task and I try a Pi2, can I transfer the licence across too? Ta!