Password protect VirtualHere Client and Limited Accounts


Two questions:

Does VirtualHere Windows client work on limited accounts or does VirtualHere need Administrator priviledges?

Is it possible to password protect the VirtualHere client so new USB devices cannot be connected to VirtualHere? To be honest most of our users wouldn't know how to use VirtualHere and add more devices but for those employees that are more techy or curious I'd like to ensure this doesn't happen. We do have rules in the office regarding the use of office hardware and computers but it would be nice to have the extra security to ensure these rules are not broken.

Thank you.


Hi Gravette, VirtualHere windows client does not need admin privileges. It only needs those privilieges when it installs the client driver. It only does this once at startup and you can preinstall the client driver by extracting it and running it separately via the -x or -d commands.

I will think about adding the password protection mechanism, it will basically work by right clicking on a device and selecting password protect, entering the password and then from then on it will ask for a password on connection. I will add it on my todo list do be done in the next week or two.


Actually checking further, the device protection is already there, use the ClientAuthorization script and disable the access for devices you dont want accessed.