MacOS client /yosemite issue/


fisrt of all et me say that I really like your app and that's why i bought the license a few days ago. However there's some issue which makes me really nervous. I used to not reboot my macbook for a few weeks, but due to virtualhere I have do it quite often.

1. after logout - and log in back the virtual here is not working -> error message which say "VirtualHere drivers could not be loaded"
2. after sleep mode - I'm not able to connect to my server with USB, the client see it but as soon as i click to use the device, it disconnect me (in a log i can see BOUND, UNBOUND and error message regarding watchdog zero something.

The error message screenshot can be found here:

May I asked for help - how to solve it. How to unload the driver and load it again without restart? Which process to kill? or something to do that I don't have to reboot it each time?

Thanks a lot for your help


I just test it and it seems fine, after log out and log in -> no more error message. Will test it for a few days and let you know.
I really appreciate such a quick response :)


Let me say, that after one day testing, it seems that it works perfectly. thx


ok great