OSX client issue

Hi Michael,

sorry to say but I found another bug, which occurs time-to-time after sleep mode.
The symptoms: the devices is disconnected after few sec. The app is running fine, able to connect to server, user is able to assign device, however, after few seconds the devices is unbounded

Server log:
Jun 26 08:40:20 localhost vhusbdi386: Device 2131 BOUND to connection 81
Jun 26 08:40:25 localhost vhusbdi386: Device 2131 UNBOUND from connection 81

Debug log of client : http://dth.sk/virtualhere/debug.log
Activity Monitor Sample : http://dth.sk/virtualhere/sample.log
OSX console Log: http://dth.sk/virtualhere/console.log

The only way how to solve it - restart of OSX
Thanks for your support


Lukas, im having some trouble reproducing the issue, what device are you using via virtualhere when the computer sleeps?

Does the computer completely go to sleep (hibernating to disK) or is it just suspended (i.e screen off, network down but instantly wakes when you press a key) ?


I'm using macbook pro, not sure if it's just sleep mode or hibernation. I just close it :) After a few hours, I just open it and want to start working and then I realise that the usb dongle is not connected (I can see in the log BOUND, UNBOUND, BOUND, UNBOUND). It's not related to the server part due to fact that I don't need to restart server, if I restart the client, it helps.
The device is Smartcard reader Omnikey 3021.


Can you let me know if you stop using the device via the VirtualHere Client "Stop-Using" , then leave your computer to go to sleep, then when it wakes up can you use the dongle via virtualhere when you "Use" it again in the gui? I.e it all works as expected and doesnt jam.

If so i will put extra detection code in the client to detect sleep more accurately and disconnect any devices...


Hi Michael,

I leave it connected. I got auto use option enabled.


Hi Michael,

sorry to say, but I applied new version 3.0.0 and now it's even complicated. After the sleep mode the app doesn't respond at all and I need to reboot the mac book each time.


OK, i have reversed these changes in 3.0.3 of the client, i think you will have to stop using the device before your computer goes to sleep, that is the best way to resolve the issue for the time being.