File transfer freezing

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we use the VHUSB with a Raspberry Pi to download images from a Canon DSLR. This worked like a charm at first, with great speed and very reliable. Now all of a sudden, we can't offload any images anymore, the connection freezes after a few seconds. Connecting to the camera remotely works fine and we can set things like ISO etc, but as soon as the datarate goes up (imagetransfer or live view), the connection freezes.
When we disconnect the camera from the server (right click-> stop using...) and reconnect, we can get access to the camera again, but as soon as we want to download an image, connection hangs again.

We have ping times under 1 ms and the USB server and the Win 7 notebook are the only computers on the LAN, so I assume it's not a network speed issue but rather an issue of the USB connection, but this has not been changed from before when it was working.

Any ideas where to look at ?

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sorry, forgot to mention: Raspian Wheezy 2015- 05-05 . It's a complete off the shelf installation we only installed VHUSB


can you do this:

sudo rpi-update

then try it again...


ok, I'll try. What I don't get is why it's getting worse though... if it would not have worked from the start I'd understand. But it seems like it is getting worse by the minute...


Is there anything interestkng in syslog? My guess is some buffer for the hub in the linux kernel is being overloaded...


maybe this: usbfs: process 2126 (vhusbdarmhf) did not claim interface 0 before use ?

can't copy and paste right now....


the issue is not with VHUSB, we have the same problems with gphoto2... probably a bad USB connection, as soon as we try to capture and download, the camera quits...

thanks for your help.

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