Bonjour optional on client?

Is it possible to make Bonjour installation optional when installing the client with the "-i" switch?

Either that, or be able to uninstall with the "-u"?


At the moment it will install it by default. The workaround is as follows:

1. Install vhui64.exe with the -i flag
2. Type vhui64.exe -t AUTOFIND (that will turn autofind off)
3. In Programs and Features -> Uninstall Bonjour
4. Stop and start the VirtualHere USB Client service using Windows service manager
4. You can then add a hub like so: vhui64.exe -t "manual hub add,<server>"


Casey, in verison 3.0.6 of the client, i added the argument -b to install the client as a service *without* Bonjour.

(Use -i to install as a service *with* bonjour)