Server Configuration for Synology DSM 5.2

Your documentation is thin and incomplete regarding FINDING the config.ini file for Synology DSM 5.2. Please edit first paragraph at

The VirtualHere config.ini file for Synology DSM 5.2 is found here:


Also, it took me a while to find the port number for connecting over the internet to my Synology NAS. Finally found it at the very bottom of this page:
What TCP port does VirtualHere use?
VirtualHere runs on a TCP port 7575, except for Synology based devices where the port is 17570.

I am happily able to use iLOK 1, iLOK 2 and eLicenser dongles over the internet. Brilliant app. Just needs a little more GUI love.

I was able to hide a USB drive connected to my Synology DS 1513+ by using the ignored devices parameter in config.ini



Hi, thanks for the feedback, my goal is to put a nice GUI to configure that sort of stuff, its mostly done and im hoping to get it in a build in the next month or so.

Michael, thanks for updating the Server Configuration FAQ for Synology DSM. Small typo in there: "In Synology NAS's then configuration..." 'Then' should be 'the.'

Looking forward to seeing parameters handled by the GUI. I am now especially interested in easy implementation of user/password authentication.