usb client crash


I updated de usb client software to the latest version, (3.06) at the start of the software its generates an error:

Unfortunaly V has crashed after you klik OK a report wil be writen to C, please sent to M

i found an crash report with the follwing info:

Crash Report...

Time: 2015-08-16-16:37:30
Executable: C
Version: 3
Error: 0xC0000005 (A)
Location: 004001CD

4001CD (C)
7718DBF1 (C)
77124D23 (C)
771738F4 (C)
77173921 (C)

please look at it i hope you find an solution.

ps the ssl connection of your website is not trusted wen you use wget to get the software for Raspberry Pi


I forgot to tell, the pc is running virtual windows 7 x86 (32bits), installed on an qnap TS-253PRO and connects to an raspberry PI B.


Yes download the client again from my website, the new binary is 18.8Mb and the same version but the crash is fixed.


THX its working again. did you also take a look at the wget command to get the software for the raspberry pi ? (not trusted website )


I have to get a new cert for my website in sept, im going to switch from startcom to something more well known which will probably fix it...


the client keeps crashing, but the service is needed for is working (thank god) its crash report is:
Crash Report...

Time: 2015-08-20-23:19:38
Executable: C
Version: 3
Error: 0xC0000005 (A)
Location: 004001CD

4001CD (C)
773EDBF1 (C)
773EBC36 (C)
7739F625 (C)
756881B9 (C)
770704D0 (C)
75508B2E (C)
75508AF4 (C)
75508315 (C)
7707EE6C (C)
773D3AB3 (C)
773D3A86 (C)


Possibly you are running the old binary, it should be 18.8mb can you double check.

Hi Michael,

i checked it twice the client version is 3.0.6, and is 18.8 mb in size.
I also tried to install it as an service, than it does not crash, but than my software is not finding the usb server ports (serial port)


im away at the moment on holidays but will look at this on thurs 27th when i get back if not before...


Also, https should be fixed now from the pi as I switched to digicert as the SSL provider