Control Server for Matrix Switching

I would like to create a server application that could remotely manage all of my VirtualHere servers. The intent would be to create a NxN matrix to connect servers to clients.

Ideally I would like to do this by changing the ReverseClients table on the server without editing the config.ini file and rebooting the server. Is this possible?



At the moment you need to edit the config.ini but I can add the ability to dynamically add reverse clients in a build in the next few weeks


That would be excellent. I will look forward to the new build.



OK this is added in build 2.4.5 of the server and client 3.1.1 please download and give it a try. Right click on the Server in the client and select "Reverse Clients..." . You can also add/remove Reverse clients from the client API using "ADD REVERSE" and "REMOVE REVERSE"