QNAP Troubles

Just purchased. Server is on QNAP TS659 Pro. 4.1.4 firmware. Installing latest version results in can't connect (its not listening on port 7575. ) If I install the latest version on the qnap app store (I think its 2.0.6) it works. And the client can connect. As soon as I install the license the server crashes and I get the following error logged on the qnap: "virtual here caught signal 11 - segmentation fault)




Got it all sorted after a bit of trial. I re-downloaded the 2.4.3 version and this time install worked. The difference I could tell between this time and before is that the app on the nap now had on/off switch whereas before it didn't. Anyhow. That got me a bit further. Then I kept running in to the crashing during licensing thing. At some point, I can't remember what instigated it (maybe I updated the client on my Mac)...I was prompted on the client side to upgrade the drivers. After that happened I applied the license again. It crashed again but this time when I brought it back up it appears to have been licensed. So far so good. I'll add one more thing that may be of interest to some. I purchased this solely for iLOK/eLicenser use and I can say that so far both are working very well on my LAN. I tried the product before and iLOK worked well but eLicenser didn't at all. I noticed on the forums recently that the Developer made eLicenser a priority, purchased one, and subsequently found a bug that was keeping it from working. Quite impressed with that. Anyhow. So far its working quite well and has solved a big issue/annoyance for me.