Feature request: autodisconnect users (stop using use devices) by the timeout

Hi, Michael

In our environment it would be very nice to define a given timeout of inactivity (not the user but usb device) after which the device automatically becomes available for usage by other users without a manual admin interaction done by remote disconnect.

Thank you in advance


Actually its not possible because there no USB inactivity - there is always USB activity even when the device appears quiet.


Let's go with the other side :)
USB is in use when and only when the client connects to it (automatically or manually) thus we can monitor inactivity on the client side.
I'm pretty sure this can be done by you client driver


USB traffic is not like TCP, there is no inactivity

The virtualhere client driver sends no traffic itself, everything comes from higher (proprietary) drivers in the stack that are in windows or osx. USB has a type of transfer called "Interrupt" and most devices use that so the traffic is never quiet.

Use usblyzer.com or something similar and you will see the usb device is always being used