Galaxy S4 Client

Attempted to use the Android client beta and it looks like there are no drivers available. I get the message "USBIP drivers not found, attempting to download for armv71, 3.4.0-4745659" "ERROR : USBIP client drivers are not available, you will have to compile/ install your own from the Linux kernel source."

My question is will compiling these drivers for android devices be something that you are going to undertake? I would be purchasing a licence today if I could then run the VirtualHere android client on my phone.


No probably not, actually i need cooperation from the device manufactures so its put at the back of my list. At one point a large manufacturer was working on this with me but they've gone quiet and its been put at the back of my todo list...

The only way to do it at the moment is to obtain the kernel source from the manufacturers website and compile turning on usbip in make menuconfig then copy the module to your phone and with a rooted phone start the client. its possible but complicated...

Its got a potential for a really useful product so at some point in the future i may start working on it again with the manufacturers..