problem with 64bit windows

I've been using VH for over a year, but I had problems with crashing system when using VH. I had downgraded my Windows 7 to 32 bit and it helped.
However now I had to get back to the 64bit system and all the problems returned :(
Today I reinstalled the system, downloaded vh client and I can't connect to my devices. I've got 2 devices:
- HP LJ 1320 printer - when connecting my windows tries to install the drivers, but after that the device is not recognized as a printer. When I try to install the drivers manually the system cannot "see" the device attached to my virtual usb drive
- Gemalto Smart Card reader - when connecting the system is trying to install the drivers but it ends with the system crash...

It was all the same a year ago before I downgraded to 32bit. Everything works fine with 32bit system and nothing works at all with 64bit system :(
I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium.

Please help...


The 32-bit and 64-bit use identical code in virtualhere so i think it might be the drivers of the actual device you are using on your 64-bit windows. First try this:

1. Update virtualhere server on your device to the latest. What is your server? Is it a pi? if so, update the firmware on that
2. Make sure you are running the latest virtualhere client 3.1.1

Then try again, let me know how it goes.


I have to call off the alarm...
It wasn't a problem with 64bit windows - It seem there was a problem with the pre-installed windows on my laptop (some crapware I guess).
After installing OEM 64bit Windows all the problems disappeared.