OSX 10.11 El Capitan.

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OSX 10.11 El Capitan.


I saw in a search that you didn't see any USB drivers in El Capitan Beta 2, has anything changed ? I have a rootless setup and get the following message at startup:

09:13:52 INFO :No drivers installed, I am installing new ones...
09:14:32 INFO :Installed driver is now version 1.0.89
09:14:32 ERROR :IOIteratorNext = 0. com_virtualhere_vhhcd is not correctly registered in the kernel, you may need to reboot

I checked with apple and they

I checked with apple and they are not yet releasing programming details for the 10.11 release, hopefully those details come out soon and i can use that to update the client so its compatible. My guess it a compatible virtualhere client will be read a week or two after 10.11 comes out

Any news?


this message is one month old. Now El Capitan is out with stable release. Is there any news about VirtualHere client for it?

Yeah el-captian is out but

Yeah el-captian is out but none of the relevant usb documention is :) I lodged a bug report with apple about a month ago for the documentation and as of last friday its still Open so they havent done it. Not much i can do about it, i complained multiple times to them...Once the documentation is out i will work on the el-captian client asap so hopefully it would be ready in a week or two after that.


Ok, thanks it was only to know the status. I will wait.

Client 3.3.0 compatible?

I was curious whether the new 3.3.0 client is compatible with El Capitan regarding the above. Would be great!

No its not, still waiting for

No its not, still waiting for apple..

OK it seems apple might have

OK it seems apple might have now fixed el-captian in 10.11.2 (the latest update as of 16th Dec 2015) as virtualhere client seems to (partially) work on it now.

Edit : further testing shows it only works with usb flash sticks, not other devices so seems apple still has some fixing to do for it to fully work again...Did not work with serial ports or iLok or printers...

UPS working!

Woah, based on your last post Michael I just tried the last OSX client with my QNAP NAS and a UPS device(CyberPower). OSX is showing a UPS in the energy saver section.
Let me know if you want me to try any "beta" code.

Ok, thats great, I havent

Ok, thats great, I havent changed anything, apple must be working on something in osx to get it working. I asked them yesterday via bugreporter but they said its none of my business what they are fixing and dont ask :) Nice, anyway hopefully they are going to keep working on this as quite a few devices still dont work. Im research more on this again anyway as perhaps there is now workarounds for the osx half functioning stack.

Any news?

First time user here. I'm trying to connect to a Cameo Silhouette cutter over a Pi2.
It's running on the Pi and I see the device on the client but can't connect to it. Also there is nothing in system report (should there be anything?).

Am willing to test Beta code. :)

No news, im waiting on apple

No news, im waiting on apple still...


New user, trying to use the xyzhub for 3Dprinters.

Any update on the El Capitan problem?

Thanks, Neil

no, we are attempting to work

no, we are attempting to work with apple at this very moment, they know about the issue...

What is the status

Hi Michael,

Compliments on your product, would be great if it worked with an El Capitan client though.
Is there anymore pressure you (or we???) can put on apple to get the client fully working under 10.11 OSX?

Thank you.

i have some oem customers who

i have some oem customers who are also asking apple also. You can lodge a bug report at bugreporter.apple.com just asking for a custom USB Host controller documentation to be released. That would be helpful thanks.

Any update from Apple?

Is there an update from Apple or is there a master thread we can all subscribe to for this subject?

Sure, you can subscribe to

Sure, you can subscribe to this thread and ill update it when i know more information..

OK, finally virtualhere works

OK, finally virtualhere works again on 10.12.1 (beta) seems apple has put support for virtualhere back into the osx kernel for the 10.12.1 release

Does it work in 10.12.0 (work

Does it work in 10.12.0 (work machine still in 10.11.x) or does it require 10.12.1?

Hi Casey, i have confirmed it

Hi Casey, i have confirmed it works on 10.12.1 which is in beta, you need at least that version

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