BSOD Page fault with Windows 10 x64 and RPi

Hello everyone,
I'm writing here because I need your help.

It's almost a month that I'm using your virtualhere software for the arm Raspberry Pi and it worked really well until today.

Now every time I start the server on the Raspberry Pi (which is fully updated) and I connect the usb device through the client on Windows 10 x64, I get a BSOD with the error "Page fault in non paged area" and after some seconds the computer reboots itself.

What can I do? Is it some kind of bug due to a recent Windows update?

Thank you for your help!


Doubt its a windows bug, probably a pi bug, can you send the MiniDump file that is generated in c:\windows\MiniDump (the latest dated one). to mail [at] That will show where the error is occuring. What sort of USB device is it?

But I also doubt it's a pi bug because it was working for almost two months without doing anything on the pi.
As Windows 10 is constantly updating, this is why I thought it was a windows bug.
Anyway I'm sending the minidump to your email.
The USB device is a MF printer but again, it was working flawlessly.
Thank you so much!


Which version/model of Pi is it? I am using a Win10 x64 client paired with a RPi2 with no problems.


I worked with angelus88 and logged into his pi and used his printer fine with windows 10 so i think there is something wrong with his win10 installation...