Client crash/freeze (L)ubuntu


I'm using an Raspberry Pi 2 as a Server/Hub and a Lubuntu 15.04 (64bit) in a VM (VMware vSphere Hypervisor 6) as Client.
When I use my Terratec H7 and Tvheadend scanes for channels, that my complete OS crash or freeze.
So it is impossible to to use is in this combination.

Can someone tell me what kind of informations are needed to solve this issue?



Hi, the pi is not powerful enough to handle digital TV broadcast of HDTV via USB over ip. I'm guessing it is quite latency sensitive

Hi Michael,

thank you for your feedback.

This are bad news. I purchased a license for my Pi and Pi2 only for this usecase.
Also I have overclocked my Pi2:


And it only makes 65-75% CPU load. The Pi2 has 4 cores. So it is not so much from my view.



The raspberry pi's Ethernet port is on the same bus as the USB its throughput is halved from a normal usb port...Can you try the tvstick with a windows client if possible? Because windows may be a little more forgiving with latency...

A current Windows is not possible. I have an older Version of this TV-Card and it is only compatible to Windows XP and lower. Under Windows 7 and 8 the System crash when I start a scan. This is a known problem with USB3 and this driver. But the manufacturer did not fix the driver yet. I think only in the newest hardeware version the isse is fixed.

But I also have tried Windows 7, VirtualHere and my TV-Card. And I have the same issue as when I plug the card direct into my PC.
The system crash when I start a scan.

Therefore I have to use Linux for it.


OK, well email me at mail@virtualhere and we'll sort a refund out, if you arent using virtualhere for anything else and thats all you bought it for.

The pi is not powerful enough for your use-case anyway...