taskkill vhui64.exe don't work

Why, if you enter the command "taskkill /im vhui64.exe" the program is not completed on Windows server 2008?

if you enter the command "taskkill /im vhui64.exe /f " the process is killed, but when you restart the program, not the ports are forwarding Until then, until you press in the system tray, right - >> output.

After that the program works correctly.


Actually taskkill in Windows is not like kill in linux, because it just sends a window close event, then prevents further events from being sent to the window. Hence it doesnt work. VirtualHere just minimizes the window to the system tray as it would if you clicked the close button.

You need to ask virtualhere to shut itself down like this;

vhui64.exe -t exit -r out.txt


how to properly complete the program with a bat file?

"vhui64.exe -t exit -r out.txt"
It requires the windows with question" Yes or no"


OK, its asking that because you are currently using a device and its warning you of that,

I will modify the client slighly so it will just exit even if a device is in use, will let you know when that build is ready ...


You can possibly command to disable the USB device in the program, and then submit a request to EXIT



1 bat-file
start programm
Add Hub

2 bat file
remove HUB
Now check


You must use the -r argument as shown in the previous post. Why? because windows doenst have a console to write to in a batch file like linux does


pls write example bat file for me :
1 bat-file:
start programm
Add Hub
2 bat file:
remove HUB


vhui64.exe -t "manual hub add,address:7575" -r out.txt
timeout 3
vhui64.exe -t "manual hub remove,address:7575" -r out.txt


my code:

start vhui64.exe
vhui64.exe -t "MANUAL HUB ADD," -r out.txt
vhui64.exe -t "MANUAL HUB ADD," -r out.txt


Because you cant write to the directory you are in.

Try this then change out.txt to %TEMP%\out.txt


Also i updated the client to 3.1.5 so you can send it the EXIT command and it will quit without warning about an inuse device.


ok. thx!!!