Cannot Get Rasp Pi Server to Talk to Win Client


I noticed your offering and recently had trouble with my Hawking USB Server, so I thought I'd try downloading your PI software and connecting using the Windows software. Let me also add that even though I've downloaded the software on the PI, I see no GUI access to it (or anything else I've downloaded). If that's the nature of their OS (that I have to use CLI) I'll likely have to turn it into a single purpose Video server. In any event, I think I have both the server and client running, but the server appears to not be sending anything on ports 7573 or 7575. Using Bonjour browser, I can see both ports 9 and 22 and available, for example. Although from what I read the Bonjour name should work, because I already have problems with Windows and Mac x-access files due to mismatch, I decided to use the IP address of the Pi. This is the closest I can get to a connection:

21:53:21 INFO :VirtualHere Client 3.1.2 starting (Compiled: Sep 9 2015 12:42:00)
21:53:21 INFO :Using config at C:\Users\mark\AppData\Roaming\vhui.ini
21:53:21 INFO :IPC available at \\.\pipe\vhclient
21:53:21 INFO :ReverseLookupService listening on port 7573
>>21:53:21 ERROR :Data stream corruption, compressedSize=759714643, uncompressedSize=758132274<<
>>21:53:24 INFO :msg_size send failed (0), error 0 (the operation completed successfully.)<<
21:53:28 INFO :connect select timeout
21:53:28 INFO :connect select timeout
21:53:33 INFO :Server ping timeout, shutting down connection

Also this:

>>21:55:21 INFO :In file ../src/msw/window.cpp at line 577: 'SetFocus' failed with error 0x00000057 (the parameter is incorrect.).<<

21:55:24 INFO :msg_size send failed (0), error 0 (the operation completed successfully.)
21:55:28 INFO :connect select timeout
21:55:28 INFO :connect select timeout

21:55:33 INFO :Server ping timeout, shutting down connection 1..

I don't know what port the connection is happening on (I think 22, which may be part of the problem), but if I work really fast on the right click, I can see a 5-9 second connection somewhere. Since auto find hubs wouldn't work, I specified 22, 7573 and 7575, and it looks like 22 is the one connecting. I have no idea how to make any config changes to the server running on the Pi, although I just read a post about the parameters. I don't know if I have access to those (given no paid license) or not.

FYI: These are the ports open on the Pi: 22,25,80,110,119,139,143,445,465,563,587,993,995,4200 (up to 8000, I believe.

Please advise, I'd love to get this working and see a great value to the feature, especially given the lack of descent consumer-level devices to accomplish this. I'm sure you can tell, I'm not an admin and feel slightly more over my head every time a new OS shows up. I now have Windows 7 64-bit (lived through the plagues of Vista, no more $ to MS), Mac 10.9

Thank You!



Hi Mark, the server doesnt have a gui, you manage the server from the client. The server runs in the background as a daemon and will communicate over port 7575.

On the pi
1. wget
2. chmod +x ./vhusbdarm
3. sudo ./vhusbdarm -b

You can see the status of the server like this
tail -f /var/log/syslog

On the client
1. Download from
2. Run it on your mac or windows it will automatically find the pi on your network after a few seconds

Plug in a usb device on your pi and it will appear in the list on the client. Right click on the device and select "Use"

If you dont see the pi for some reason after about 30 seconds, then you can right click on USB hubs Specify Hubs... -> and put your ip address of the pi and port 7575. Looks like you have already done this

If you are still having trouble do this:

grep vhusbd /var/log/syslog and then paste the output here or email mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com) and ill take a look