Feature request: Windows client without Bounjour distro inside

Client is too heavy (8Mb) now and when using it in a slow (wireless) networks running from share it takes quite long time to start up


Its too compilcated to extract bonjour and ive licensed bonjour from apple to include inside VirtualHere...


Seems we slightly misunderstood each other

I was talking not about extracting bonjour distro from VH client (like it has been implemented with drivers) but to have a light version of the client without bonjour distro inside

It used only once during the first start up and personally I don't use it at all.

To be honest I would prefer not to mix apples and oranges and have: client and setup (which will install client AND drivers AND bonjour if needed) separately


I ran a test without bonjour and it only saves 1mb the size of the binary, so im not going to bother removing bonjour.

The reason everything is tightly coupled is to make it as easy to start using virtualhere as possible for the average user ,so Im not not going to write a setup program for virtualhere.