Feature request: new runtime parameters $GROUP_ID$

It would be useful to have ability to group devices and pass to auth script group id instead of full devices characteristics

(if there is no plan to implement full featured users/devices control functionality this simple feature will cover most possible tasks)


Just to claify, have a list of vendor/ids product ids and the group they belong to?

GroupId=<vendor id>,<product id>[<vendor id>,<product id>...]<pipe>Group name

E.g Have a setting in the config.ini file like this

GroupIds=0405,4582,0405,2849,1234,4321|Group 1,6739,2041,8291,9401|Group2

When one of those devices is used the server will look to see what group it is in (if any) and pass that as the $GROUP_ID$ field the the authentication script?



+ support "*" for
+ support ability to enter GroupId with multilines in config:
GroupIds=0405,4582,0405,2849,1234,4321|Group 1


small remark: i think it's better to use the format online with IgnoredDevices and AllowedDevices:
GroupIds=0405/4582,0405/2849,1234/4321|Group 1


OK this stuff will go into the the TODO list to be done at some later time