Two sensors on two RasPi's, only one recognized


I am using virtuell here to read temperature sensors connected to two Raspberry Pi's. Both Pi's are in the same network and each of them has one sensor connected directly to the USB Port.
The Raspberrys have both hamachi and are logged in into a private network, where my Windows 10 PC is as well (the software to read the sensors works only on Windows). Pi's and PC are in completly different local networks and are communicating only over hamachi.

Both of the Pi's are up and running. I have a stable connection and virtuelhere usb server is running on them.

The problem is, virtuell here shows me to "Raspberry Hub", but if I use one of them I use the other one as well. So it seems I have to Hubs connected, but it is actually only one. So I get only data from one sensor instead of both.

Is there a way, where I can talk to both sensors on the Pi's at the same time? e.g. giving them special ID's or something?
it is hard to explain...



Okay figured I need to purchase an account to use more than one device. Is that correct?

Okay managed to get it done by using the hamachi IP address of each pi combined with the correct Port. One of the Pi's still shows two sensors + two WiFi-Dongles (see screenshot). Is it possible to deactivate the one at the bottom, because it is just a duplicate of the one in the middle. And what causes this? The deamon is only running once on the server.

That duplicate is caused by you entering in the ip address of the server as well as having auto-find turned on. To remove the duplicate, turn off autofind then restart the client. Then it will connect to only the two pi's you have specified directly.