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Thank You

For a wonderful product.

I had purchased a Hawking HMPS2U and your software and my Raspberry pi do a much nicer job. The one thing the Hawking did not do was to allow re-connecting. Or, if it did, I wasn't sure how to configure it for that.

The Hawking fell short for my application because I wanted to contact the server direct without the need for a public network. Using the PI and setting it as an access point with my own SSID, I can connect my tablet PC (with very few USB ports) to the license and the devices I'm controlling via USB. You get far more options with VirtualHere and a configurable server like the Pi.

The evaluation version worked so well, I bought a license immediately.



Hi Mike, thanks for the

Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you find VirtualHere useful!

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