Client in a LXC-Jessie-Container on a QNAP?

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Client in a LXC-Jessie-Container on a QNAP?

I've set up a VirtualHere-Server on a Raspi. The Windows-Client will find the devices. It's all o.k.

Now I try to start the vhclientx86_64 in a Debian-Jessie-LXC-Container on a QNAP TS-453.
How can I do this?
Where must the client be located?
What is the command to start the client? (./vhclientx86_64 -> "No such file or directory)

I'm just running out of knowledge.


Hi, the client can be anywhere but you need to chmod +x the client e.g

chmod +x ./vhclientx86_64
sudo ./vhclientx86_64

If it returns an error here you need to compile in usbip kernel modules that come with linux. If you do not know how to do this you might be stuck as its a bit complicated. If there is no error here, then press CTRL+C to stop the client and then run it in the background like this

sudo ./vhclientx86_64 -n this will run it in the background then you just interact with it with the -t argument like this

./vhclientx86_64 -t "HELP" to get the list of commands

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