Canon MP270 - NAS Synology DS413j


I want to use a printer Canon MP270 connected to my NAS. Here is the confirguration.

Server :
Synology DS413j - OS : DSM 5.2-5644 Update 3
Package VirtualHere installed from the package center - Version 2.6.2 (I noticed that it is not the last version released, but there is no new version in the package center available)
Printer Canon MP270 plugged into a USB hub. USB hub plugged into a USB 2.0 from the NAS

Client :
Macbook Pro 13" (end of 2010) - OS : OSX El Capitan 10.11.3
Client VirtualHere - Version 2.4.1

I read in other comments that OSX 10.11 is not yet fully supported. I Have some questions anyway.
1- The package on the synology is not up to date. Is it a problem ? Is there a way to force the update ?
2 - Any news on the support for OSX 10.11 ? Is there a reason to think it might never work ?
3 - When (if) the support for OSX 10.11 will be complete, will it be possible to have a new trial period to test ? (I do not want to buy a licence to realise that it does not work)

Thanks for your answers, and keep on the good work !!!



1. You can update the synology package just by downloading directly from and installing it from there. I dont push it the synology app store all the time, so it maybe a month or so out of date on their store.

2. Back in Aug 15 i opened a bug report for apple about this. Apple re-wrote their whole usb stack inelcapitan for some reason and broke my software and a lot of other stuff. They said they knew that and they already have that bug report from somebody else so they closed it. About a month ago a customer told me it was working on elcaptian! I was really surprised because i havent changed anything. It seems apple has decided to backport their old usb stack to get software like virtualhere working again. So i opened another bug report with apple and asked them whats going on. They said they wont say and its none of my business they dont talk about that sort of thing :) Very strange, no wonder their software is so buggy and their quality is falling, anyway i dont know any more than that at the moment,.

I do suspect eventually it will work with el-captian, it does sort of work now but wont for complicated devices like iDevices etc. Im hoping apple keeps fixing stuff in the . revisions of el-captian.

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ok thanks for your feedback.
I guess I just have to cross my fingers and hope for it to work at one point.