BSOD While Installing Drivers of Shared USB device

I'm trying to get a Saitek X45 HOTAS working on Steam Link. I'm using 64-bit client on Win 7 64-bit and enabled sharing on Steam Link. I can see the server when I start the client, but no matter what device I select to use (I've tried using the Saitek as well as the Steam Controller that I also have), when it starts to install the drivers, it crashes to BSOD. I did make sure to plug in my Saitek to my computer first so that the drivers are installed there already as that is something I read on the Steam forums.

Any thoughts?


Can you try this.1

1. send me one of the c:\windows\minidump\minidumpxxx.dmp files to mail [at]
2. Exit the virtualhere client, run command prompt with adminstrator access then do

vhui64.exe -y (this will clean up old drivers)
vhui64.exe -d (this will install new drivers)



and see if it works.