• A license is perpetual (i.e no monthly/yearly fees) - a single payment licenses the server
  • Will remove all trial restrictions
  • Includes free upgrades/bug fixes - download updated versions of the VirtualHere server or client at any time!
  • A license is bound to the server hardware and cannot be moved or transferred
  • There is no charge for the client software. You can install the client on any number of machines
  • There is a free trial and therefore no refunds - give it a try first if you haven't already
  • Please do not use VirtualHere for phone unlocking, it is not supported
1. License ->
2. Your serial number has been automatically entered below
4. Do you have a discount code? If so, enter it here:
5. Require a (pdf) invoice?
6. Click Buy --> (VirtualHere uses Stripe for secure payment processing)
(After purchasing you will immediately receive an email with license information)