VirtualHere USB Server for Windows FAQ

What version of Windows does VirtualHere USB Server run on?

Win 10/2016 or later

Can VirtualHere USB Server for Windows run inside a VM?

Not recommended. Use virtualhere server on a real machine, it needs direct access to USB devices. VM/pci passthrough in hypervisors is not reliable enough.

Can the server be run in the background as a service?

Yes, type vhusbdwin64.exe -b to install/start as a Windows Service. Type vhusbdwin64.exe -b again to stop/uninstall the windows service

How can i see whats going on with the server. i.e where is the log stored?

The server logs messages to the Windows Event Log. If you are running the server with the User interface you can click on Settings -> View Event Log. The event log is live and will show messages when users connect/disconnect/use/stop using devices. When the server is running as a Service, the log can be found in Event Viewer -> Application And Services Log -> VirtualHere USB Server

What is the license for the VirtualHere USB Server for Windows?

Clicking on the Settings... button in the server and selecting About will show this license text

What are the arguments to the VirtualHere Server?

The virtualhere server does not require any arguments to start, however if you would like to use specific features you can run vhusbdwin64.exe -h to display the arguments.

-b Install/Uninstall as a windows service
-c <config file> Use this configuration file instead
-h Help
-i Prefer IPV6
-l  Display license text
-r <log file> Log to this file instead of Event Viewer
-u Uninstall server driver