Bring USB device functionality directly into the Cloud! Eventually all USB device interaction will be done via the cloud because it provides so much more widely available access to existing USB devices. With VirtualHere running in the Cloud you can give your cloud server direct access to real local USB devices, no custom programming required! Easily migrate your local machines into the cloud while enabling them to still be connected to their original local USB devices.

To do this:

  1. Install VirtualHere USB Server on your VirtualHere CloudHub device, Embedded device, Server, NAS, or Android Phone/Tablet/TV etc
  2. Start up an Amazon AMI, Azure, or or other cloud provider, and choose a location geographically close to your physical location to minimize latency (it is recommended to have a ping time between the usb server and client of no more than 20ms)
  3. Install the VirtualHere USB Client on the virtual machine cloud instance or in your Docker container
  4. Use EasyFind to connect back to your local VirtualHere USB server.

Here are some use-cases:

  • Allow cloud servers to print directly to a local office printers, photocopiers and faxes without requiring any custom software "plumbing"
  • Allow your Cloud Instance to use local Software Dongles
  • Scan directly from a scanner into a cloud server using the "Scan" button on the scanner
  • Provide a USB->Serial link between a USB device and the cloud, the serial connection is used to control for example a telescope or serial based sensing device like a GPS. Since processing moves to the cloud instead of a local server, infrastructure requirements are reduced and the server can be off-site and process signals 24/7 at low cost
  • Use Gaming Controllers directly at the cloud server! (see example here Using Wheel via VirtualHere with game server in the cloud & a pi). VirtualHere is also compatible with and ShadowPC
  • Fingerprint scanning. Connect the scanners to a raspberry pi and move the image processing and control to cloud servers. No need to have local servers installed anymore
  • Iphone/Android/Microchip testing and programming - Connect the android/ios/microchip programmer etc to a local linux server and move your test harness to the cloud. VirtualHere has a powerful API that can be used in test harnesses to interact with USB devices.
  • Point of Sales Terminals - Connect the scanner and keyboard to a raspberry pi and run the POS application in the cloud, easily migrate POS to the cloud!
  • Use USB devices inside a Docker Container