Licenses on Android device : InApp vs website purchase


I've bought a license on a first AndroidTV device in app.
On a second device, i've bought another license (because I can't purchase another time with the same account).

When I lauch the client, the first license have only 3 devices. On the second device, I have unlimited devices.

So why number of devices are differents when the purchase is on PlayStore versus your website ?

Can you upgrade my "3 devices" to "unlimited"?



Yes via the play store it is a 3 device license, whereas on my website its unlimited because i dont have to pay the Google Play Store fee via my Website payment. (so i can give the customer a better deal) Anyway email me and ill sort out your 3 device issue.


Oh my god. I had no idea this limitation existed. I thought the number of devices was supposed to be unlimited (according to this website), yet the client has been limited to three devices. I've been scouring this website and racking my brain trying to figure out why this limitation exists.

How can I increase my device limit from 3 to unlimited? Do I need to purchase the android license on the website?


Hi, i emailed you now.


I was also unaware that I would be limited to three devices when I purchased through the Google Play Store.
What do I need to do to allow unlimited devices?


New google rules say that in the app store listing, im not allowed to say go to my website for a better deal

Email me and ill sort it out mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com)