CloudHub GL-AR150 Change Port Number?

I have the GL-AR150 with the custom firmware flashed onto it, and I was able to change it to a static IP, but I am not seeing the option anywhere to change the port number to something else instead of 7575. I have the free license for now because I am just testing it, When I SSH into it to see if there's any other options it's asking for a user/password and I'm not sure where that is. My client is a Windows client.

I see other posts asking about this but they are using Windows USB servers, etc, not these Cloudhub units.



Username: root
Password: nothing (just press enter)

No you cannot change the TCP port in the free version.


Okay, 'root' and nothing says no authorization, but 'root' and 'admin' as password got me in. If I license my unit what would the command be to change the port number? Is there any command lists so I don't have to bother you with questions as well? Thanks so much.


Sorry I am a complete linux/command line noob. I would guess how to do it but I don't want to mess anything up. What would be the exact things to type for changing the TCP port number? Also the help page says to make sure to stop the server before modifying the config.ini, I take it for these little routers it would just need a reboot instead? Thanks again.


OK if you don't know Linux i think you need to read up about it first elsewhere (this forum is not for learning Linux as its only for virtualhere related things) but what i would do is this

ssh to the router
/etc/init.d/vhusbd stop
vi /root/config.ini
add the line
Escape colon wq
/etc/init.d/vhusbd start



you are referring to the GL-AR150 router using CloudHub. I did not find this for download. Can you use the update bin for the 300N v2 model? Or where can I get the AR150 CloudHub?



There is no download for the AR150 anymore. Only the 300NV2 which is in the usual place