Change Server Name

Hey Michael,

Looking at the app, wondering on 2 items.
1. Is it possible to change the name of the Server after licensing? We have some "simple" users that will be using these resources.

For example on our NAS it is now in "Room 1".
In 6 months this NAS gets moved to "Meeting Room"
Can the name of the Server be changed in the future? I only ask this as it appears that the Server name becomes part of the serial #

For example, Line 3 of the purchase details now shows: "ASUSTOR NAS,s/n=244xxxxxxx1,1 device" with the name of the Server coinciding with the license

2. Is there a chance to upgrade the Windows Client to move the "Use device", etc to the right-click of the client in the Notification area? This would seem to be in keeping with the flow of app control in the Notification area.

Thanks again for all,


1. Sure, in the virtualhere client, right click on the server select Properties and then (Rename)

2. No