iLok Sharing Error (QNAP Host)

Hi there!

I have VH-Server installed on a QNAP-NAS (QTS 5.x) and want to share an iLok between my
Workstation (MacPro, OS 12.2.1) and my MacBook (OS 12.2.1).
When i disconnect the iLok on my MacPro ("Stop using this device") and connect it afterwards
on my MacBook i´ll get the Message "iLok Sharing Error...".

I need to physically unplug the iLok to get it to work again.

I´m using an AMAZON Basics ‎HUC9002V1ESL which is, according to the uhubctl-list "compatible"....

Any ideas how to get the iLok-Switching to work?

Thanks in advance,



Hmm ok that should work, can you confirm you are using the latest version of virtualhere server on your qnap? Available from here


Hi ! Thanks for your help...

i´ve updated to the latest version on the QNAP (4.3.6) - but that does not help... still getting the iLok Sharing-Error.
I also downloaded the latest clients and tried that without success.
Changed the Ports on the USB-Hub difference and also had the iLok plugged directly to the QNAPs USB-Port.
Don´t know what to do else...

But at least i can narrow it a bit down:
the error only occurs when the ilok is connected to the Mac Pro (Intel) and then gets connected to the MacBookPro (M1/ARM).
Vice versa it switches without problems...maybe the Intel-Mac is not correctly "releasing" the iLok?


Ok actually this afternoon i think i found the bug. It requires a change in the server and a new QNAP package. I'll post here when the new package is ready


Hi Michael,

great to hear and thanks for caring!!
Any Idea (rough estimation) when you are ready with the fix?
THANKS a lot,



Ive got a few things to do but in 1-3 weeks maybe


Hi Michael,

just wanted to ask if there are any updates on this...
Did you fix the issue?
Thanks in advance, Daniel


Actually sorry yes i forgot to update this thread. See this thread instead…

There really are no reliable usb hubs to do per port power switching. I bought three different ones, and the only one i could reliably say supports PPPS (only on port 1 however) is the cypress CY4608 HX2VL development kit


so that basically means my configuration will not work and i need to get this Cypress-Hub, right?
As this then will be the third hub i bought for this purpose i need to be sure that it will work when i get this cypress hub.... btw. do you have a source where to get
the hub? thanks!