Virtualherde with Nvidia Shield TV Pro, Xbox one wireless adapter, controller always recognized as second controller

I have a Shield TV pro (well 2 of them) each with a xbox one wireless adapter and vitualhere server on the shield and the client installed on the PC.

It largely works fairly well, but I've occasionally ran into problems because even with no other controllers active or on, the controller synced to the adapter is always treated as a 2nd controller. For example loading Stardew Valley or Tales of Zestiria, it won't allow control of the game with the controller (in the case of Zestiria I can change the settings to use Xbox controller 2, but in Stardew it thinks it's a controller for the second player). Windows device manager only shows one controller.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions to fix this. I could resync the controller to the shield directly, but I get poor reception via bluetooth which is why I want to use the xbox wireless adapter in the first place. I'm


Is this using steam on android?


Steam or GOG, host is a W11 PC, client is a Shield TV Pro (which is android)


Im thinking it might have something to do with a single controller synced with two xbox dongles (Assuming you just have a single xbox controller?)

Could you try somethng. When you have trouble with it syncing as player two could you:

1. Stop using the controller via virtualhere
2. On the win11 client can you go here and scroll to Device Cleanup and download and run that and cleanup your devices. (Select File->Restart as Administrator, then View Devices Select All, then remove selected
3. Can you use the XBox adapter again via virtualhere and see if it either asks to pair again, or will just work as player 1 automatically.