USB Huawei Modem E3372 over IP running on Raspberry PI Server

Using a Windows 10 machine as the client, when I click "Use this device", the HUAWEI dongle does not appear as a network adapter on the windows machine.

Instead it shows under "Other Devices" with a warning symbol.

Any tips on how to get this to work?


No, these modems are not supported sorry.


No explanation why. I was banging on this, playing with usb_modeswitch etc until 1 am. Had no luck.

Wake up this morning, jump on and notice that it is working.

When you say "no supported", I'm guessing that doesn't mean "not possible"?


Yeah the reason is using usb_modeswitch and redirecting the modem is too unreliable. The mode is sometimes not accepted, or its accepted then resets etc.


ok thanks, I seem to have it working pretty well at the moment. I will try to reverse engineer the changes I made to get it working.


Hi Michael,

If the huawei e3372h-607/608 4g modems are too unreliable, would you happen to know which modems ARE reliable? and for comparable cost to the Huaweis? ($20)



No sorry, i don't know. Generally a modem that doesn't have to modeswitch would probably be reliable.