Bluetooth dongle stopped working with VirtualHere


I was using VirtualHere to connect a Bluetooth dongle to my PC (Windows 11) through a Nvidia Shield TV (pro, 2019, latest firmware).
A few days ago, I noticed the dongle stopped working (no light).

I decided to connect it directly to the PC and the dongle works correctly.
I tried again to connect it through my Shield, and I noticed the bluetooth was disabled on my PC.
However, I am not able to activate it (it switches back to disable).
I have recorded a video to show the process.

I have found an advice here where we have to add something in "custom event handler", but the issue remains with and without it.
I don't know if my dongle became not compatible because of some Windows 11 update.
If it's the case, I will buy a new dongle, but I need some reference to be sure the new one will be compatible.

Thanks in advance :).


Actually that is expected behavior, Windows can only handle one Bluetooth radio at a time. So if you use one via virtualhere (or just plug the dongle into your pc) the inbuilt Bluetooth will be disabled in windows (e.g most laptops come with Bluetooth built-in)

I haven't changed anything bluetooth related in virtualhere for a long time so it should work as it was. If not then it might be some driver update in windows for e.g Intel Bluetooth or something like that. Check the windows update history in windows and see if it shows anything bluetooth related.



Thanks for your quick answer. I will take a look to see if I can come up with additional information. I will just add that there is no built in Bluetooth on my computer. I have a single dongle, and I prefer to connect it to my Shield because the computer is a bit too far for connecting some devices to my computer with Bluetooth.


OK that's interesting, if there is no other Bluetooth then it should be enabled. Can you find the Bluetooth dongle in Device manager when its sent via virtualhere?

Open Windows Device Manager ->View Menu -> By Connection-> VirtualHere USB 3 eXtensible Host Controller

under there see if the Bluetooth Dongle is listed. And if so right click on it select properties and see if it says its running ok.


I solved my problem while looking at your suggestion.

I checked the properties of the bluetooth dongle in Windows Device Manager, and noticed that an option relative to power energy saving was enabled (which allowed to disable the device for saving energy). I disabled this option and now, I am able to enable my bluetooth dongle as before.

Thank for your help :).


Great thanks for letting me know, that might be useful for others too..