VirtualHere Reverse Lookup Port

I'd like to use port 7788 instead of 7573 for Reverse Clients.

In the server I'd use a server.ini with:


In the client I'd use a client.ini with


Is there any configuration parameter I can use in client.ini to specify which port Reverse Lookup should use?


I didn't find how to edit last message. This is the correct intention:

"I'd like to use port 5718 instead of 7573"


More questions:

1. Is it possible to use ClientAuthorization with Reverse Client connection?

2. Regarding the original question. Is it also possible to specify the PORT for SSLReverseLookup?



No that port cant be changed for normal users. You need to be an OEM to change that


Where can I find more information about OEM?



( An OEM means you are a manufacturer which sells hundreds/thousands of devices with virtualhere. Is that what you want to do?)