I can't see server

I have installed the virtual here server on my raspberry pi B+. Before doing so, I upgraded the firmware as advised by the FAQ. The network name is sdr-server.

It appears to be running -- have the message, VirtualHere USB Server is running . . press ^C to stop.

I have installed the 64 bit client on my Windows 7 64-bit laptop. It appears to be running.

I can successfully ping the Raspberry Pi from the laptop. so network connectivity appears good.

No matter what I do on the client, it does not list any servers, let alone the Pi. Nor can I see the one USB device plugged in.

The documentation appears a bit ambiguous; do I need some license files, even though I'm running the free version and only one USB device?

Any other suggestions????



Hi Jim, no you dont need to buy a license, you can use it with one device for free. When the server starts it broadcasts its existence on UDP port 5353 but maybe that port is firewalled on your network. So you can just put in the IP address of the server directly into the client by right clicking USB Hubs -> Specify Hubs. That will then connect over port 7575 if that port is also blocked you will need to open it. If its not blocked you will see the server appear in the client with the attached USB devices you can use.


This works, mostly. Part of the issue is probably that I started the server first, then the client -- so the client would not see the broadcast.

After I manually set the server IP address, it was discovered. Then the client installed several drivers -- probably because it saw a USB keyboard and mouse, as well as the sound card I want to use. It complained about multiple devices and no license. Solved that by manually selecting to use the sound card.

Windows 7 now sees the sound card and says it is working properly.

The application software, however, sees the sound card as a microphone, so it is not working properly, even though Windows thinks it is. Any thoughts here?

I appreciate the help.



In case my sound card is seen as multiple devices, I purchased and installed an unlimited license.
I can see the sound card and HID in Windows Device Manager.

Shutting down or rebooting Windows gets me a blue screen of death, regardless of whether I shut down the client or let Windows 7 shut it down. I can reboot and recover, and if I never launch the client, no problem rebooting or shutting down.




After rebooting Windows and NOT starting the VirtualHere (VH) client, I shutdown the Pi and disconnected the sound card.

Now able to restart Windows without BSOD, even if I start and then stop the VH client.

Installed the sound card in the laptop, works fine.

Shut everything down and started back up. Started VH Client. Started VH Server -- discovered. Installed sound card in the Pi. Detected by Windows. Properties looked the same as when it was plugged into the laptop.

Sound card still doesn't work. May be a bandwidth issue in the Pi. Have learned the Pi 2 doesn't have the bandwidth issue.

SO, here's the question: If I acquire a Pi 2, and install VH server on it, do i need to buy another license to get unlimited devices??
In other words, is the license tied to the client, the server, or unlimited means unlimited clients and servers??

wb4gcs [at] amsat.org (wb4gcs[at]amsat[dot]org)


Yes I can transfer the license to the new pi if you need to use that instead, send me the new serial and ill give you a key.

With the pi2, it still shares the usb bus with the ethernet. Its better to get something like an ODROID-C1 which has a gigabit ethernet and also quad core processor and the usb bus is direct to the CPU rather than shared with the ethernet and its also on $US35


When I said I was going to buy another Raspberry Pi2, you said you could transfer the license I purchased. I emailed you the string from the new PI a few days ago, but have not heard back. I checked my spam filters; nothing there.

Is there a problem?

Thanks & 73,
wb4gcs [at] amat.org (wb4gcs[at]amat[dot]org)


Never received it.
You used a VALID/GOOD address.
Checked spam filter again.

Could you please resend?
wb4gcs [at] amsat.org (wb4gcs[at]amsat[dot]org)


Received the key. Still having problems, will start a new thread with more accurate description of the issue.