Renaming devices will get them disconnected


New user on the forums here, we have some Raspberry Pi 3 with virtualhere running that whenever you connect a device and rename them it will keep on getting disconnected. We have to rename them because we need to connect multiple devices on one raspberry. I do not see any topic or user having the same kind of issue hence this. FYI, all these affected rbpi have licenses as well. Anyone new why this is happening?

P.S. we could try to reclone each Pi but unfortunately we lost some of our licenses list, is there a way to retrieve it just by providing the serial numbers?


Can you try to rename then do this on the pi terminal

grep vhusbd /var/log/syslog

does that show any error messages at the end of the listing?


Do u accept image links? if yes here's the error

If not, let me know, i'll retrieve those logs in text form


Thanks, i see it is version 2.8.4 of the server, which is 6+ years old. Could you update the server to the latest available from here

Just copy over the vhusbdarm file ontop of the old one and reboot the board.


Yes it is that version because this has been the most stable version for us. Also, only a few Pi are having this kind of issue so it might not be related to version.


The virtualhere server versions should get more stable the more recent they are. Ive had no reports of them being unstable.

Old versions of virtualhere are not patched.

Only the latest version of the server is worked on so if it doesn't work with the latest server i can investigate further.


I see, then we will try. Anyways regarding my second question, if by any chance we want to retrieve licenses, how do we do it? we could email you using the one we used for purchase? I need to know this as well because if this update wont work we might need to reclone these PIs and unfortunately we lost our copy of licenses because of some incident in the past. Thanks a lot


Sure just email me the serial numbers, and ill look them up


Ok thanks a lot.