iLok working locally but not remote over Tailscale


I just purchased a license for VH and I'm really enjoying it so far!
However. I cannot get it to work with an iLok remotely over VPN (connecting through Tailscale via 4G hotspot from my Iphone).

When I connect through Tailscale, My iLok shows up in the client (Mac OS 12.4) and I am allowed to start using it. However, Pro Tools (and iLok Manager) WILL not open. They both hang and I'll eventually have to force quit them, as they're not responding.

The VH server is installed on a Pi4 (I've tried both the "general" version and the Pi4-specific one) and I've connected the iLok with and without a hub and tried all four USB ports.

Any ideas about what I might be doing wrong here?

Thanks a lot!!

Asger, Denmark


It almost sounds like you have a big latency issue.

In the VirtualHere client when you are using it via Tailscale, right click USB Hubs->About->Statistics. What does that generally show? It needs to be < 30ms or thereabouts i think.

If you are seeing latency higher than this then its very likely tailscale has had to use a relay to get through your 4G NAT. You need to try to get a direct connection rather than use a relay


Hi Michael.

Thanks for the quick response.
You are indeed right. My latency is hovering between 70 and 120 ms.

I'm not very experienced with networking stuff so I don't how I would go about getting a direct connection?


My guess is a direct connection is not possible. It might also be worth trying zerotier...


Would any "normal" VPN service work better, you think? Like Express, Nord and all of those?


No, but i was thinking more about this. If your virtualhere server is at home you just need to TCP forward port 7575 to the virtualhere server by configuring your router. (And also setup dynamic DNS so you can refer to your router with a dns name) then you dont need tailscale or any vpn and in the virtualhere client right click usb hubs->Specify Hubs and put in the dynamic dns name of the virtualhere server. That should then open a connection from your client to your virtuahere server directly and that would be the fastest connection possible.