Steam Link Controller Passthrough issue

Hi! This is a really neat product and I'd really like to get it up and running! Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to get my controllers to pass through the final step

My setup:

{xinput wired controller, dualshock 4 (tried both plugged in and wireless), steam controller} -> steamlink -> PC with "virtualhere for steamlink" purchased and, from what I can tell, operating.

Of these, the wired controller (an xbox1-style, third party controller) seems to be the closest to working. I've:
1- plugged it into the steam link after verifying that it works on my PC
2- enabled it in the VirtualHere tab under the steam-link settings,
3- Fired up my connection to my desktop, and then minimized big-picture so that I can stream my screen
4- found the controller on the VirtualHere client on my desktop
5- right clicked on "PDP Deluxe Wired Controller for XboxOne- Crimson Red (In use by you) [which I assume means it's working, and at least detected on my Desktop's end] and told it to "use this device".

However, when I fire up the software I want to use it on, called NucleusCoop, the software doesn't detect the controller, no matter what I do with the controller. I've also tested it on, and it similarly does not seem to be passing the XInput commands through. Any idea why? Did I skip a step or something?

Thanks in advance! Can't wait to see it all in action!


Adding to mention- I'll eventually want to troubleshoot the other controllers, but the wired xinput device seemed like the most straightforward option so I wanted to see if I could get it working.


Could you open up joy.cpl in windows and see if it appears in there while its being sent via virtualhere. If it does then it might be some steam setting taking over the controlers. If it doesnt appear then it might need a virtualhere tweak to get it to work.


Well I'll be darned- I don't know what changed, but with that, the wired xbox controller is working! I also got the playstation controller working, but only when it's plugged into the steam link. Do controllers that are connected via bluetooth work with VirtualHere?

Also, thanks for the help Michael! It seems like you're quite vigilant with the support, and I really do appreciate it!


OK weird, no to use the bluetooth based controllers via virtualhere you need to use an external bluetooth dongle via virtualhere then sync to that.