window server event System Parameter failure

like CLIENT_IP CONNECTION_ID words in omBind event,used is show thats words but is value


<p>onBind=D:\xxx\yyy.bat "$VENDOR_ID$" "$PRODUCT_ID$" "$DEVPATH$" "$CLIENT_IP$" "$CONNECTION_ID$"</p>


onBind event is get CLIENT_IP and CONNECTION_ID,but other event like onClientConnect by $VENDOR_ID$ $PRODUCT_ID$ $DEVPATH$ is invalid ,and onBind event is there any params like "%ADDRESS%"?


You need to purchase virtualhere to use the onClientConnect event


i'm server is Authorized


onClientConnect occurs when a client connects to the server, so $VENDOR_ID$, $PRODUCT_ID$, $DEVPATH$ are not relevant because no USB device is being used at that point. onBind is called when a USB device is used and at that point those variables are available.


ok thanks, understand


when i use clientAuthorization event bind address param,this is invalid,show $ADDDRESS$,other event like onEnumeration、onBind、onRest is valid!


You put 3 'D's in there!


clientAuthorization=D:\webfile\xxx.bat "$VENDOR_ID$" "$PRODUCT_ID$" "$DEVPATH$" "$ADDRESS$" "$CLIENT_ID$" "$CLIENT_IP$" "$PRODUCT_SERIAL$" "$PASSWORD$" "$NUM_BINDINGS$"
config.ini is this,the word is correct,just Problem description is error


There is no $ADDRESS$ argument actually, so its not going to be substituted. The address on the virtualhere windows server is not very useful because it can change. Its best to match on $DEVPATH instead if you are trying to cross match different events